A Beautiful Day

My first live U2 experience. What a great night out.

Man, it’s been ages since I’ve had so much fun. We felt like teenagers again!  It was so good to get out without kidlets, and stay out partying until the wee small  hours.

It was a spectacular show and I loved every moment.

I’m so grateful Bono and the boys took a moment to recognise the tragic loss of 29 Pike River miners lost this week in Greymouth. The names of the men scrolled on the screens while the band played One Tree Hill.

(I was too slow to catch all the names. The men are named here )

Such a terribly sad time. One never knows how to deal with these losses that are close to home, and yet at the same time, somewhat abstract. We don’t know these people personally. But they are our people. And so we feel grief too.

“The moon is up and over One Tree Hill, we see the sun go down in your eyes…”

The rest of my photos are crap except this one which shows how the screen stretched out for a couple of songs worth of crazy lights. Overkill really…the music was good enough. But still it was pretty.

Great music, beautiful lyrics, and a big heart. We even had a brief message from Desmond Tutu. I love how Bono has a BIG world view and gets people thinking about the stuff going down in the rest of the world.  I left entertained yes, but also refreshed, inspired and with a song in my heart. Awesome :)



3 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day

  1. Wow what a great night – Bono certainly is inspiring!! We have friends going to the U2 concert here next weekend. Love the photo of the two of you.

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