Rediscovering Poetry

I have just discovered Billy Collins the poet. A friend posted a video on facebook, and I’ve spent the last hour hunting down his work. Here are two of my favourites:


I so enjoy listening to poetry read by the author. A million billion times better than  reading the words on paper. I like reading poetry, but how much better to listen to the author read it him/herself exactly how they intended it to sound?

Anyone else like poetry? Please share your favourites…I’m rediscovering a lost love and would like something fresh.


7 thoughts on “Rediscovering Poetry

  1. Billy Collins is one of my favorites, and the two poems you posted are, I think, my two favorites of his! Excellent choices!

    Another poet I really love is the German poet Rainer Maria Rilke. “Neighbor God,” “Love Song,” and “Autumn” are three I especially like.

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