Stuff on my mind

There’s been a few things floating round in my head…

What do I do with stuff like this? (Aljazeera report on forced abortion of 8 month old baby – China) I saw this yesterday and now that I know about it, I don’t know what the heck to do with it. Sometimes I think it’d be easier to just bury my head in sand and enjoy ignorant bliss. Yes, it would be easier, but I know I wouldn’t really want to do that…but still….damn.

Also, you know how you become gradually desensitised if you watch a lot of violence on TV or whatever? Well…I reckon I’ve been re-sensitised. I burst into tears twice in two days at the dairy because of reading headlines of the paper. One was about the Pike River miners and the other about a bus accident.

And I’m reading a novel about the unwanted girl-child in India. Although it’s a fiction book, sadly the issue is far from fiction. And there is a similar problem developing in China because of the One Child policy. This leads me to think about adoption. I’ve thought a bit about adoption over the years…and I’m not sure international adoptions are the best model, though of course it’s a whole million times better than having no family at all.

I’ve been reading this blog. Paul Myhill says:

OK, so I’m quoted in Christianity Today (online and print versions) regarding the orphan crisis in Haiti and how it relates to adoption and orphanages. It’s a good article, but I need to offer a couple of clarifications:

First, I’m an adoptive parent myself (a little girl from China) and so I certainly understand that international adoption is part of the solution. I just don’t think it’s the main part. We must primarily strive to keep children in their countries of birth . . . in families. Second, the in-country solution should do just that – keep/put children in families, not institutions. If an institutional orphanage becomes the default position for children, it would be far better for those children to be adopted out internationally instead. When a “group home” is mentioned in my quote below, I’m referring to a small, family-style home of 10 or so children, raised by domestic foster/adoptive parent(s).

Ultimately, God wants to place the “lonely in families.”

We should settle for nothing less than that.

I’ve been thinking about the idea of local churches taking a bigger role in orphan care. You see…that’s what religion is supposed to be all about. . I like the idea of churches in rich countries supporting local churches in poorer nations who can care for the orphans. In Haiti, they have a working model where the local pastor organises long term care in homes for children orphaned by the earthquake. Partner churches in the US are giving financially to help this kind of work. (All the posts about Haiti orphan care are here)

There’s other completely unrelated stuff on my mind…how women dress and why, and the value of sex. Might write about them some other time. It’s 2am. I should sleep now.



    2 thoughts on “Stuff on my mind

    1. and again Erin…. we think alike.

      The whole orphanage thing is a biggy. I also think smaller homes or family situations are the ideal and would push for that more than anything and adoption is something on our minds. It seems funny that although this is the ideal I am still happy to get involved in a big orphanage. The need is so huge and so many orphans in India that there simply is no other options available at times. The best I can offer is to make an already established orphanage have love for the kids and to create a family atmosphere as much as poss. Not sure how that all works yet but will keep you posted.

      • Yep. Totally. Just so you know, I wasn’t thinking of you guys when I wrote this. Just some stuff that’s been floating around in my head for a while. The need is enormous…there are literally million of needy children, so any help has got to be better than no help. There’s certainly still a great need in orphanages. Yep…keep me posted! Would love to hear more on this.

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