What's up?

Feeling sad about the Queensland floods.

Feeling angry and irritated about some church stuff…just when I thought I was over it…it seems I still need to find a way to forgive and let all the crap be like water off a duck’s back. It’s not even my problem actually…just feeling really sad for someone who’s had, and is still getting a raw deal from church and religion. Flippin heck. I hate it.

BUT! Very excited about what the next 12 to 18 months will bring. We’re making plans. Uh huh..oh yes we are and it makes me all skittish to think about. Still early days…feeling a bit scared to believe it might actually come off…terrified of disappointment. But, tentatively putting myself out there and hoping.

So far this year (all 9 days of it) has been pretty good. Some cool things have been happening for me and our household, and it just feels like life is a whole lot better.


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