What the heck?

I haven’t posted anything for aaaagggggeeeeessss.

So what’s new?

Back at work today after a year off for parental leave. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s nursing, so it meant an early start and on my feet all day. It was a typically busy day in an acute surgical ward with all it’s dramas, but so good to be out there in the real world. The world of adults that is

I missed the kiddies though. Zo looked after two of them, and the two big boys went to play. All were happy and well cared for which took a load off my mind. I got home around 4 and by 7:30pm had come to the firm conclusion that working is by far easier than being a mother. And a hat tip to the mums out there doing both all the time. I have it easy…in paid work only one day a week.

Anyway….what else? OH! Check out this cool journal. I love the idea so much I bought one. I can’t wait for it to arrive so I can wreck it! It sounds ridiculous, but I’ve been so inspired by all these pics.

I went to the library yesterday and didn’t borrow a single book. Not reading.

Zoe made chicken curry for dinner.

I gave 5 home grown tomatoes to my neighbour. She gave me a block of chocolate. Then I gave her some chicken curry. She gave me chocolate almonds.

The End.


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