I don't even wanna talk about this one


Last night on Queen St, D & I walked past a man begging for money. He held a sign saying he had no income, no place to stay. We walked on, but I wanted to give so we went back. Nice one. But damn, I only gave him one fricken dollar. I had more money. Larger denominations…$100, $20 I think. It is in those very moments, at that second when you open the wallet, that is the point at which the heart is tested. Its’ truth laid bare.

I was stingy at the time it really mattered. Again. This kind of thing has happened before. I’m disappointed. Imagine the joy of giving the guy $20 to go get himself a decent dinner. Or more…what would it take for me to actually give the whole fricken lot and change our evening’s plans??

Anyway, after this we walked on, (and even in that moment there was hesitation in my step) we watched a movie, bought ourselves dinner, and slept soundly in a nice hotel. I can’t believe it. Shitty shit shit.

It was Jesus, and I didn’t see Him.


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