In Which I Tell You That We Went Away And Also Talk About Poo

D & I just had a night away without the children. It was so lovely to spend some unhurried time together alone. I think it’s the first break away since before I fell pregnant with the youngest, so alm0st 2 years ago. The fact that I can’t actually remember when it was means it was too long really.

We were away for just under 24 hours but I came home refreshed and happy.

Since I got home around 5 hours ago I have:

  • dealt with poo painting (pasty, clay coloured)
  • arbitrated several arguments
  • cooked dinner for 6
  • done 2 loads of laundry
  • taken out rubbish, recycling and compost
  • consoled a very tired, very emotional and irrational child
  • applied anti-fungal cream to a baby scrotum
  • been thrown up on (think yoghurt)

I find getting back into the swing of family demands quite shocking after a day of adult time. I actually got to eat, sleep, go to the toilet, and hold conversation without being interrupted. Coming home felt quite overwhelming. I think I am an introvert.

Of course since coming home I have also:

  • chatted to a friend and my sister-in-law
  • downed a beer (and a half)
  • laughed at scandalous knees
  • kissed and cuddled my babies
  • had astonishingly revolting facebook banter with my brother*
  • handed out hokey pokey ice cream cones
  • watched my kids play

So it’s not all poop.

*Ok so this bit did involve poop.

7 thoughts on “In Which I Tell You That We Went Away And Also Talk About Poo

  1. Yeah Erin being completely kidless, it makes me think “How much do I like poo?” I still think now I will be kidless a little longer :) But I certainly am impressed by what you get through in a day!

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