The German Wizard

So once again. People.

I am once again blown away by the treasure that is people.

Our German hitch-hiker friend came to stay for two nights. It was an absolute pleasure to have him in our home.

He’s a bit of an artist and shared his drawings with us. As we paged through his hand bound sketch book (he made it himself) I was struck by how personal it is to share your gift with someone. I almost felt uncomfortable because looking at his drawings was really like seeing little pieces of his heart.  He wasn’t just showing us pictures, he was showing us who he is, what he loves, how he sees the world.

He has also been travelling in Australia and while there did some beautiful drawings of Australian birds. I really miss the Australian birds, and was a little enthusiastic about one in particular…a sketch and water colour of a Kookaburra.

Early Thursday morning we were up and ready to take him to the airport…and there it was. The Kookaburra picture propped on the shelf in the kitchen. An unexpected gift from him to us. (Although I’m already calling it MY Kookaburra) I was touched. A beautiful gift, worth so much.

Here he is, the little King of the Bush:

I love my Kookaburra. Every time I see him it makes me smile.


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