Handedness and brainness.

These are some of the things I’ve been thinking while hanging out the washing, cleaning the bathroom and vaccuuming the house.

  • Handed-ness. I’ve been thinking about our Left-brain dominant society. Concrete thinking, logic, mathematics and science. Facts. These are the things emphasised in our education systems. Thinking creatively, or doing things in different ways is not actively encouraged. So we end up from childhood with people Left-brain dominant. Is this why most people are right handed? And what are the implications of education that encourages both left and right brain functions more equally? Would there after a generation or two be more left handed people? What is the history of this right hand dominant society? Thinking, thinking. Maybe I shall encourage my 16 month old to use a pencil in both hands. And my four year old is just starting to learn to write…..if I allow both hands, does it exercise opposite sides of the brain. Can you be right brain dominant and still be right handed? So many questions. Probably not time or inclination to find out. So if you know all this please tell me.


  • Oh yes and on that note… I think everyone has seen this image all over the internet. The dancer can be seen twirling in either direction depending on your brain. Clockwise = right brain, and vise versa. I tend to see her spinning clockwise, but can make her turn the other way with a bit of concentration. I kind of will her to do it. But the real point of this is really that she’s stark naked and has perky breasts. I don’t think it matters which side of your brain you are using. You should still be able to see them.



10 thoughts on “Handedness and brainness.

  1. oh crap! She was spinning anti-clockwise when I first looked and then I asked her to change and now she is stuck going clockwise. now I am trying to turn those perky boobs into a roll of stomach fat to get back at her for her stubbornness!

  2. I love your blogs, they make me think! Anyway, this perky-breasted girl (those were the days) got my brain in a tizz… the first time I looked at her she was turning anti-clockwise, then she switched. She seems to flick around both ways for me without me working at it. What the heck does that mean.. love t

    Overemphasis on left-sided analytical methods of thought is typical of Greek philosophy as expressed through Western reason via the renaissance. Christian theology is still operating with beliefs that have developed out of this framework, despite the fact that Einstein has swept this type of thinking into obscurity.  Just as Galileo shattered the world-view of the Catholic Church so Einstein has shown us a universe that doesn’t fit within the old deterministic way of understanding. To follow Einstein is to question Newton. Not to reject Newton, but to move on to the next level of understanding. The rest of the world is moving on but the Christian church, by and large, isn’t even aware anything has happened and is clinging to beliefs and structures of thought that do not fit within the beautiful, ordered (but not logical) universe that God has created.
    This is characterized most clearly by the starting point of our theology. Much of it starts from the premise of God as a sovereign, holy judge and attempts to develop theology on a forensic, legal foundation. This requires a whole lot of left-brain activity based on logic, determinism and cause and effect principles that have been shown by Einstein to be foreign to the reality of the universe.
    The correct starting point is from Father, Son and Spirit. He is relational, familial kindness, intimacy and love. Holistic, right-brained thinking is akin to authentic Hebraic/Christian thought. This does not mean it’s haphazard, undisciplined or existential. Patristic theology is characterized by palpable passion AND purposeful precision. Jesus came and revealed God as Father, Son and Spirit. It is with this familial, relational, loving constancy that we MUST begin. Yes, he is holy and he is sovereign and he will judge, but when those things are used foundationally, their truth is distorted, God’s face is tarred and the proper foundational truths become part of a very wobbly structure.
    God spent millennia moulding the culture of Israel as part of his self-revelation. Most Christians are bankrupted through their ignorance of the Jewish mind, which is not just a state of mind or a ‘vibe’, but a precise ‘theo-cosmology’. We have a Greek world view based on dualism and separation, not a Jewish one. Jesus is a Jew, this was the world view that shaped him as a man and the system of thought that we should be fighting to re-discover and retain.
    Einstein’s discoveries have shifted the entire thought framework of knowledge from dualism, separation and atomism (left brain) to a unified, holistic and ontological understanding. His advances are not just theories, but accepted facts.
    My whole point is this: Has our Western framework locked us into left ‘brainism’ at the expense of a full expression of our humanity? Could this, combined with alien theologies, be contributing to the epidemic of mental health issues within and without the church? Why is the condition of Christians, who claim to have the answer, the same as everyone else or worse? Could it be that our foundations are completely wrong?
    Obviously, both our left and right spheres are there for a reason. I just think that, theologically, we have locked God into the left sphere, or perhaps we place theology as a whole in the left sphere and all the other ‘organic’ stuff in the right. If so, this is just another symptom of the dualism that is endemic to our minds and is destroying the soul of man in the western world.
    Most Christians and church leaders hear things like this and give a tokenistic assent, but when it comes to re-assessing theology it becomes far too threatening and the status-quo looks much more convenient and comfortable. ‘Getting the Greek out’ means re-building our theology from the ground up on the foundation of the revelation of the Trinity. This is the very essence of God’s nature and being that Jesus has revealed to the world and MUST be the starting point for everything else.

    • I am completely amazed how the disciplines (physics, theology, biology, philosophy are so interrelated), although at the same time I’m like…der, of course. So much to learn, so little time! I would love to have hours of conversation with you… This stuff fascinates me.

    • Phew! So glad you came back to mention that. I thought there was something wrong with you, that you could spend considerable time constructing this well thought out and very interesting reply and yet not mention the naked breasts!…? Ah but now all is now well with the world. The universe is as it should be.

  4. Eeek. Just read my comment again and, while I am happy enough with the content, the writing style is rather staccato and robotic. Anyone know of a cure for perfectionism?

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