Book Review: Healing Spiritual Abuse – Ken Blue

Healing Spiritual Abuse – Ken Blue

Helpful little book with a redemptive motivation. Even though it is written mainly for victims and perpetrators of abuse, it’s a useful book for everyone, so don’t be put off by the title if you don’t think it’s for you.

The author contrasts healthy and unhealthy church leadership by looking at the leadership demonstrated in Christ’s servant-hood as well as the parity and non-hierarchical structure of the early church shown clearly through Paul’s New Testament writings.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Healing Spiritual Abuse – Ken Blue

  1. I grew up in a cultish religion, and I appreciate this resource. Even though I am no longer a part of that religion, I have a shame and self-hatred default that I am trying to overcome. I will look into getting this book. Thank you!

    • I have had a quick browse of your story. I hope you find this book helpful. (I think it may be a bit lightweight for your experiences but it’s still worth a read). I wish you well. God is always better than we think. I’m completely excited to be discovering rich truths in good theology. Thanks for stopping by.

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