In which I extol the virtues of a hand written letter…



I just received a letter from my friend who lives about a thousand miles away.  It was completely unexpected and I read it with a smile on my face, and felt Austen-ish. Especially as it was folded the old fashioned way.

What a treat!  I love hand written mail. (Friends, that was a hint right there.) There’s something really lovely about holding something tangible that a friend has created. I know the day of the letter is fast dying out…but for me email while it has its’ advantages will never trump the delight I get from a real, papery, inky, stampy letter.

A letter reminds you of a person more intimately than electronic media because you get to see their hand writing…whether they have fine penmanship, or a barely legible scrawl, it’s highly personal. And a letter always makes me feel special because someone has taken the time to sit down with pen and paper to write it and then actually buy a stamp and get it posted. A letter is always more memorable than an email.

Thank you friend. You made my day. You made me laugh. I will reply by hand, and by snail mail very soon.


5 thoughts on “In which I extol the virtues of a hand written letter…

  1. : ) Apparently some people manage long-distance relationships and go-the-distance friendships by hand-written letters!! Always the best kind! From my hand to your heart!

  2. I always got laughed at when I wrote letters, I still do, but just not so many. I also still get excited by going to the letter box. The excitement of the unknown is always great :D

  3. Ah you verbalize what so many others feel about handwritten letters. They are solid, tangible evidence of one person’s care for another. Glad someone took the time to write you. May you find a few more in the box this year.

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