What’s going on? Why haven’t I been posting here?

Gee, I dunno…just have nothing to say. Well that’s not strictly true. I always have something to say. Whether it’s worth listening to is another story all together.

But life is just ticking along. I’m feeling slightly grumpy and unmotivated…the mid year or mid winter doldrums. There are plenty of things I need to do, and plenty of things I could do, but I’m finding myself wasting time and not planning my days well. Doing nothing does not provide much real life to write about I’m afraid.

But I have been reading. I’m sorry to admit to Ari, that I didn’t finish reading The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde. I wanted to. Just because I like his name. Fforde. Ffunny. I read more than half, and got distracted and hadn’t read it in large enough chunks at each reading to really get into it. I love his imagination, and the literary references were clever, the story interesting enough..but I guess it was just tooo fiction for me. I didn’t fall in love with the main character enough to bother carrying on with it.

I am currently reading The Eve Tree by Rachel Devenish Ford. I’ve been reading her blog for a while now….she lives part of each year in India, and I like to live vicariously through her just a little bit. Although I’ve recently realised that though other peopeles lives or the lives we dream of may seem magical, there is no dream like quality to them…they are still messy and have their fair share of irritations and struggles. Annnnyyyyywaaaaaayy…..how I go on! The book! Yes, the book is about mothers and daughters, and mental instability or vulnerability. It’s about the land and belonging to it, and trees and family and fire. I like.

Today I filled the biscuit tin with home made Oat Crisps and got messy with glitter and glue and stickers with the kids. And yesterday I wrote a letter.

That’s about it.


5 thoughts on “Mid-winter

  1. I’ve been feeling the same way so I think it is definitely mid-winter blues. But I’m trying to keep myself on task by scheduling posts. :)

  2. Hey E! Yeah it is hard, to try and keep a balance, even harder for you as you have a family. I just have two parrots. :) I think you should also use what are these “down times” to reflect and make decisions which can be hard when you brain is going 100 miles an hour. I was reading recently how the Japanese never had a word for depression as they just called it something like “Not happy” (don’t quote me on that) as they used their sad emotions to spur them to write poetry and draw etc. I think these times when it is hard to get motivated are the best times to let your mind run. As you aren’t committing yourself to anything, it is actually your most creative times without knowing it. Use it to recharge and come back with things that make you happy.
    I love reading when you do get on here :D

  3. So happy to see your words….can forgive you for not enjoying the book, it might be a differing tastes thing, although I must hasten to add that I read the second book first(which is the superior of the two) by accident and was more familiar with the characters and world when I went back to the first one. I am also considerably more twisted than you are! The Eve Tree sounds good too- might have to add that to the list…
    As for the winter blues…reading about sunny places keeps it at bay. The Eve Tree might just be the ticket…or Eat, Pray, Move to Bali (interesting book and very hard to come by…written by Ima Makinitup). Dad joke…sorry! x

    • He he. Thanks Ari. Feeling a little better…hubby did some garden work so it’s all looking a bit fresher, and the sun is shining today, AND I just had tea with a friend AND two of my children are out for the day and sleeping over. I finished The Eve Tree…will jot down my thoughts later. Hope you’re well friend.

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