I Have Beans

I have beans.

I’m going to spill them all over you. Well some of them at least.  Of course there are always beans I keep carefully wrapped and tucked away in no danger of being spilled. But the ones I’m going to spill are the we-are-moving-to-Australia ones.

Yep that’s right. I guess you could say I’m going home. But what a lot of thoughts that phrase conjures up. Home? There’s a whole lot that could be said about what a home is, where a home is.  It’s not a simple as that, having lived here for 11 years. My kiddies were born here, 2 of them in this house, so moving doesn’t come easily. The heart is torn, but it’s time.

I have mixed emotions about it right now. Excitement and panic in equal measures probably sums it up. The actual move is still at least 4 months away, maybe a little more. It will depend among other things on the sale of our house. We are busy at the moment of clearing it out, cleaning it up and making it ship shape for sale.

We’re getting rid of most of our stuff. And because it’s September which is both my birthday month, but also that of charity: water, I am donating the sale of our household stuff for the month of September. 100% of the funds are going towards the purchase of a drilling rig to drill more wells for clean water in Ethiopia.

For locals, you can see the stuff I’m selling here, and my campaign page for September is over here. Of course you can go ahead and donate without buying something if you want, just to make me happy, but the idea is that you get the stuff and instead of paying me for it, you donate to charity: water.

So yeah. That’s them beans.


4 thoughts on “I Have Beans

  1. Ooohh – I love them beans you spilled!! Very exciting for you E – hope all goes well – will be praying for you as you transition – if you need a bed in Melbourne give us a shout!!

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