Boys vs Girls: Injuries

My youngest son ended up with a leg fracture the other day after falling from the top bunk. I got to thinking about the various accidents and injuries over the years we’ve been parents. Here’s the tally.


  • Baby tooth extracted after accidentally twisting it out trying to open a bottle with her teeth.

BOY INJURIES: (not all the same boy)

  • Burn to hand placed directly on stove element requiring medical attention
  • Laceration to head requiring medical attention
  • Burn to hand placed directly on fireplace door
  • Near amputation of finger requiring surgery
  • Burn to hand placed directly on bbq
  • Baby tooth pulled out eating toffee apple
  • Black eye due to falling from bench
  • Laceration to head requiring stitches
  • Burn to back of legs standing too close to fireplace
  • Fractured leg after falling from bunk

Admittedly we have three boys and only one girl, but then she’s been here longer so that should even it out somewhat. This list doesn’t innumerable bumps and scrapes, but the boys are clear winners in those as well. Boys! My poor heart. There are still so many years ahead.



2 thoughts on “Boys vs Girls: Injuries

  1. Mine are quite even as far as boys and girls go. There is now only one child that has never had a break or stitches and it figures… he’s much more cautious.

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