Celebration Trees

What better way to celebrate our children’s New Zealand beginnings than to plant trees? I’ve said before than there is always something special about the place you were born. I wanted a special way to honour that, and create something lasting for the children to remember and hopefully visit again one day.

I came across Cue Haven on the internet, and after making contact, arranged a day to go up and plant some trees for the kids. What a fantastic day! Tom and Mahrukh are warm and hospitable people, and have such a great plan for their piece of land. You can read more about their project at their website. Basically they are restoring their land which has been used for grazing for over 100 years, back to native bush as it would have looked prior to being cleared for farming.

The boys each planted a Totora and Emma planted a Puriri.

Here are some pictures of our day.


4 thoughts on “Celebration Trees

  1. Erin, Doug, Emma, Benjamin, Ryan & Samuel – It was great having you all over at CUE Haven. We look forward to your future visits as you come back to check out the trees over the years. Best of luck in Oz.

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