Little Yellow Wand – Matt Stillert

Little Yellow Wand – Matt Stillert

This is my talented cousin. He’s making waves in the Adelaide roots music scene. This is his first video, and the launch of his debut EP Don’t Fear the Beard is coming up on June 22nd. One of the lovely things about moving back to Australia is going to be being able to enjoy these kinds of events. We arrive in Adelaide on the 13th June, and I’m so glad we’ll be in Adelaide for the launch. Matt and his mates have organised a massive event with ten original bands playing.

I can’t count the number of family milestones I have missed over the years. I’ve made it back for three weddings and a funeral (not kidding) but have missed the births of my brothers children and they have missed the births of mine. I haven’t been around when 2 close family members have battled cancer. I have been absent when family members could have done with help and support, meals and babysitters. And we’ve been far away from that same support when we’ve needed it too.

Anyway…as the days get closer to our departure, it’s such a nice feeling to know that we’ll actually be able to be around for things like this, and to celebrate the success of our own. It really is something to look forward to. And I need those things to anticipate to buoy me through the emotions of saying goodbye to this part of my life.

Check out the video. He’s pretty good.


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