Just some things.

I have tired eyes, but am so awake on the inside…my mind feels alert with the anticipation of the things that have to happen over the next 7 days. Today was busy. Packed another suitcase, washed clothes, cooked dinner and pudding, drank tea with a friend, visited the lawyer, compiled documents for a rental application, sent emails, and sold stuff.  I really like my lawyer. There are two large tail-wagging dogs that greet clients at the door. One is black (a Retriever I think) and the other is golden and curly. Both stand about knee high. You don’t really expect two large dogs when you go to see a lawyer.

I made chocolate pudding for the kids for dessert. I accidentally added 2 eggs instead of 1, and cooked it in the microwave instead of the oven because I was running out of time. But steamy hot pudding however stodgy, with creamy vanilla ice cream still filled happy bellies and so wasn’t a complete fail. The reason I messed up the recipe is because I’m the worst ever cooking-with-kids kind of person. It drives me to distraction (literally) and I make a mistake nearly every time. I can cook and talk on the phone, I can cook and chat with friends, but I can’t cook while making sure the two year old doesn’t pour out the milk, or tip flour on the floor. He’s inclined to do things like that. The other day he stood on a chair while I was making pumpkin soup. We were finished and the phone rang. When I came back I found he had poured and entire 2 litre bottle of milk into the soup and turned it into pumpkin flavoured milk. It was completely wasted. A disaster.

I’m reading again. It’s been a while. A friend lent me The Help a few weeks ago, and one weekend while sick I read the whole thing in two days. It was such a lovely lovely relaxing feeling to read an entire book. (A good read by the way. I saw the movie first, and enjoyed both equally.) When I read and get lost in a good book I can actually feel my brain relax. It’s like a brain-sigh. Anyway, now I’m finally reading Life of Pi by Yann Martel. I bought it ages ago, and finally in desperation of having nothing to read, I unpacked a box of books that has been packed up for three months and dug it out. So far so good. I’m needing a read at the end of the day to stop my brain going over To Do lists all night.  Last night I dreamed I was driving along Seacliff Beach (my local beach in Adelaide) watching sharks circling around in the shallows. (What does this mean??)

This bearded dragon has absolutely nothing to do with anything. I just like him.

2 thoughts on “Just some things.

  1. I think it means you are just feeling everything going on around you. But, now you have made the move and life will again be exciting in a different way… I hope :D I am sure all will be smooth and you’ll get back in the groove quickly

  2. I have been very bad at checking my feed reader for, oh, several months now, so I’m just catching up on all the news. Wow, there is a lot! I am excited for you and your upcoming move. Wishing you safe travels and a smooth landing (figuratively and literally!)

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