Another Special Tree Planting


With our last days in New Zealand approaching, we all wanted to visit the trees we’d planted back in September last year. The children wanted to see if they’d grown big enough to carve their initials in. Of course being very very slow growing trees, none of them had gained more than a few milimetres at a guess. Nevertheless, they are still there and doing well.

We had another reason to visit though, that is we are expecting our 5th child and it didn’t seem right that he/she would be the only one without a special New Zealand tree to honour their roots. Being conceived in NZ (but will be born in Australia) this little one needed a tree too. Tom and Mahrukh were very kind to arrange a visit just for us and at late notice. Here are a few pics from the day. These were taken by Mahrukh…we have some too which I might post at a later date.

In the back of Tom’s truck for a short ride up the track.

Tom and Doug digging the hole.

We chose a Miro this time.

A little Miro tree for Baby Johnson

When Emma’s Puriri tree is about 150 years old it will look a bit like this one.

Many thanks to Tom & Mahrukh from Cue Haven. They have such an inspirational vision to restore a 59 acre farm back to native forest. I think I’ve caught a tree planting bug. I definitely want to do this again.



2 thoughts on “Another Special Tree Planting

  1. Thank you for your kind words, Erin. You guys are always welcome at CUE Haven and we hope the whole gang do come out someday to carve their initials in their trees!

    Hope the move continues to go well and tell everyone we said hello.


    Tom & Mahrukh

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