Back in Adelaide

One of the things I am enjoying most about being back here is that I am not taking any of it for granted. Driving around yesterday just a few kilometres from home, I was just loving the beauty of the place. I feel like a tourist in my own town. I lived here for my whole life before moving to New Zealand 12 years ago, and while I enjoyed the surroundings, I didn’t really explore that much and there were lots of things I just didn’t take notice of. Moving away and then coming back has made me simply lap it all up.

I sat in the car yesterday gazing out at the massive scraggly old gum trees, and spotting great flocks of noisy exuberant birds and I was just happy. It feels good for my soul to be back here.

We are hoping to get ourselves a camper van at some stage and spend a fair amount of time travelling in this big old country. We haven’t been here even a month and already I have itchy feet, and definitely feel like gearing up for some adventures. I keep thinking of places I want to go, or things I remember and want to show our kids. For example, I want to show Emma the wild flowers in the Flinders Ranges.

Also, I have realised in coming back, that my memory of South Australia and Adelaide had become warped over time. I used to regularly tell people that Adelaide is quite flat, and mostly brown. And in some respects it is, especially compared to green NZ, but actually it isn’t all that flat, and in fact the hills and paddocks are looking pretty green. The sheep are still brown, and the tap water really is terrible but the place is prettier than I remembered. Silly huh.


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