The Beach and the Long Way Home

So we’ve been in Australia nearly a month now. I am full of good intentions, and had hoped to blog a little more, but this is going to have to do for now.

We are in our house which is bigger than the one we’ve left behind. It’s nice to have some extra space and we’re enjoying settling in and buying the stuff we need bit by bit. We didn’t bring any appliances or furniture with us, so there’s been a lot to get sorted with the 6 of us. We are doing some serious bargain hunting and it’s been such fun shopping second-hand. Also heaps of stuff has been given to us, we’re so grateful and it’s made such a difference.

Today though we just needed to get out and enjoy the sun. It’s been cloudy and showery all week and the extended family have all been sick as well as our Samuel who has a nasty cold and most likely an ear infection. So we jumped in the car with no particular destination in mind and ended up at Moana Beach. All of these photos taken by the hubby.

The kids threw stones together

while poor sick little Sam clutched his medicine and wouldn’t let go.

Later we wandered up to a little playground and the kids pretended these were horses and I was the crazy commentator. Ryan loved it so much and said later that ‘winning the races’ was his favourite part of the day.

This involved a fair amount of leaping off if you felt like you were getting behind.

Token pic as evidence I was actually there. I kept busy by carrying the coffee. While growing a baby.

We bought hot chips for lunch and shared a few with this beady-eyed character.

We took the long way home via McLaren Vale although we didn’t stop to taste wines. We passed through Kangarilla, and Clarendon and stopped to buy flowers from the side of the road. Apart from the usual sheep and cows, we also saw donkeys, alpacas, a flock of cockatoos, several camels, and a dead kangaroo. Despite our best efforts craning our necks up gum trees we didn’t see a single koala. Ryan has made me promise to show him ‘all the animals except snakes’. I told him I’d do my best. The dead kangaroo didn’t count.


3 thoughts on “The Beach and the Long Way Home

  1. So lovely – you guys are looking so happy = ) yeah more indoorsy ones of you new stuff – then I can imagine having cuppas with ya

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