Inside the house pics

As requested by some friends far away, here’s some pics of the inside of the house as it is now.

Starting from the front door:

This is the boys room which is actually the formal lounge. It’s a weird L shape as you’ll see, so we decided to put the boys in here together as there is space for their beds, and extra space for play. The desk was bought for Ben, he asked for it, but it seems Dad has taken a liking to it as well. All the beds and two of the mattresses were given to us. Wardrobe given to us. Wooden drawers we bought second-hand. Plastic drawers from NZ.

Next up the kitchen and dining. We got this table and 8 chairs for $120 from an op shop.

Then the family room. Has a wood burner which we haven’t tried out yet. The whole house has ducted heating/cooling so we’ve been using that. I expect our electricity bill to be rather high but we’ll see. We have gas for water which is really nice.

There’s another part to the couch but it’s still on the trailer…waiting for someone to help D unload it. Also op shop, $60.

Next is laundry and toilet. We bought the washing machine and dryer (along with the fridge) from a small business that reconditions second-hand ones. They were cheap and it good condition. Happy.

Then this room full of boxes is the third bedroom. It has no window but has a sky light. We’re thinking of putting a little couch and TV/Computers in here so the door can be shut to the noise, and keeping the family room technology free.


Emma’s room. Also and op shop bed with a mattress given to us. She has mirrored built-in cupboards, and does a good job of keeping her room this tidy. All I do is sweep/mop it.

And our room. No bed yet. Still on a mattress on the floor (also given to us as well as the bedside tables). We also have nice big built-in cupboards.

So there you have it. We don’t need much else, trying to keep it all pretty simple. Would like a bookshelf  at some stage, and a bed for us and that’s about it.


13 thoughts on “Inside the house pics

  1. Thanks ez, so great to see these. It looks fantastic, you have done so well. Your dining chairs look a bit like your old ones. Man I need to chat soon but only have my Ph on 3g at the moment.

  2. Oh dear, this makes me really rather jealous. One day I will live in a house!!! It’s nice to discover how little you need though huh :)

    • Naw…Sarahbean….don’t be jealous. Think of the floors I have to sweep and mop! But yeah, I feel pretty lucky. It’s a good priced rental, although still more than we were paying on our mortgage back home…well back in NZ since technically this is home, but you know… Our house settled today so we’re officially debt free. Such a great feeling. I’d go debt free and simple living any day over big house and a suffocating mortgage over my head. Anyway, next year we’re hoping to be living in a camper van with 7 of us so I’ll be in touch with you for advice about small spaces :)

  3. Hey Erin, I love, love, love your place> It looks so homely already. It’s great seeing the photos. I really want to pop in for a coffee :) xoxo

  4. Yay and finally I get to see it – haven’t really been checking blogs lately = ) its so lovely – I can imagine us having a cuppa at that table – awww and sweet little Sam is in a big bed!!!! thanks so much for posting lotsa love t

  5. Your home looks so lovely – you have done well!! Made me smile and reminisce a bit when we first got to NZ – we slept on a mattress on the floor for a good few months – hope you get a bed soon. I found our bed in Aus on ebay for $40 – maybe you could have a peek there!

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