Living and Learning

A few people have recently asked me whether we have sorted out what we’ll need to do in regards to teaching the children according to the SA Curriculum. The short answer is yes, we know what we need to provide to satisfy the Department of Education.

However, it’s never an easy question to answer, because our approach to learning is so very different to the mainstream idea of school. Our approach to learning has evolved over the years, and sometimes when I try to explain it, I can hear what the other person might be hearing in my words and I know it all sounds a bit nutty. This article, however,  explains the gist of it nicely though, so I thought I’d post it here.

I Live Therefore I Learn

We’re still figuring it out as we go along, balancing the mundane necessities of everyday life, while trying to keep life rich and fresh and interesting. Some days it feels like we’re missing something…not quite hitting the sweet spot of really making the most of the opportunities in each day, but there are more good days than not and over time I feel like we’re definitely hitting it more often.


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