Volcano conversations and some art

Here are some of the things we’ve been up to today.

I pulled out some watercolours, white and black paper, and coloured chalk and this is what resulted:

Emma made this volcano, and Ben must have thought it was a good idea because it inspired his efforts too. I don’t know if they were thinking about volcanoes because of hearing about Mt Tongariro‘s recent eruption, the first in over 100 years. There are some great images here: Tongariro’s Eruption. We had a chat about volcanoes and their hazards such as lava and ash.

This is Ryan’s picture of lava.

And little Sam had a go as well.

The chalk drawings on black paper was fun too.


2 thoughts on “Volcano conversations and some art

    • Send them, as long as you come too! Of course what doesn’t make it to the blog are the squabbles and fights and days the kids spend on the computer all day :)

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