Urimbirra Wildlife Park

We got ourselves out of the house on Sunday and drove to Victor Harbor. It was a lovely sunny day and after a titchy kind of morning at home it was so good to get out and about.

We bought pasties for lunch from a bakery and after talking to a knowledgeable lady at the information centre, who helped us decide on what to do out of so many choices, ended up heading to Urimbirra Wildlife Park, just a few minutes from Victor Harbour.

Urimbirra is a privately run park with a great number of native animals. We stayed for a few hours but still didn’t see everything there was to see. Emma carried the camera. She loves taking heaps of photos, and tries to capture every single thing we see. Most of these shots are by Emma.

This one taken by Doug…Lorikeet eating porridge

This one by Emma

Old Man Emu. I spent the rest of the day with the old John Williamson song stuck in my head. “He can’t fly but I’m telling you, he can run the pants off a kangaroo”  to which my Ryan says: “Wait, what? Do kangaroos have pants!?”

A highlight was getting up close to the koalas. There was a male and a female which we were able to wander right up to and touch then as they fed. This was their 20 minutes of activity for the day before they went back to doing what they do best – sleeping. A special treat was that the female had a 7 month old joey with her clinging to her as she fed.

A bit special for Ryan because he’s wanted to see Koalas since we first told him we’d be moving to Australia about a year ago.

Benjamin made friends with the kangaroos, including a mother and her joey. They wander freely around the park and don’t seem to mind the attention they get from visitors. It was lovely to just sit down next to one and just hang out while they ate out of our hands.

Me hanging out with a couple of joeys of my own.

Lots of reptiles to look at, it was good to show the kids some of the more dangerous snakes found in Australia. It’s always good to know these things I suppose. Australia has it’s fair share of spiders too although I haven’t seen one at all since we got back.

Eastern Tiger Snake

I have a childhood memory of finding a Carpet Python (don’t seem to have a pic) in the house when we lived in Brisbane.  My Mum called the police (of all the inappropriate people to call – what are they going to do? Arrest it?). An officer came and wandered through the house and couldn’t find it. We all just had to go back in and hope it was gone. I don’t remember how I came to know (or think) it was a Carpet Python….even back then, it struck me as funny that there was a Carpet snake on our carpet.

All in all a lovely day out.


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