To Not Forget These Days


Some rather average phone pics just so I don’t forget these lovely days in the sun. This was how we spent our Monday morning.

It was sunny, but with a fairly cold onshore breeze.

A lady walking her dog asked me “Are these all your children?”

 “Yes” I said.

She stopped, glanced around and counted them off . “One, two, three, four, and one on the way I see”.

“That’s right”

“Well you have your hands full”

It’s true, I do. But they are nice all the same.

After the beach we stopped at the shop on the way to buy some Frog Cakes. These are an iconic South Australian treat, which are in fact listed as a South Australian Heritage Icon by the National Trust. They are rather pricey at $4.30 each, but I had to introduce them to the children now that we’re living here.

A set of three frog cakes from Balfours

A set of three frog cakes from Balfours (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





5 thoughts on “To Not Forget These Days

  1. The sky in that first pic is beautiful!! Glad you had fun at the beach. I like that quote, “they are nice all the same” I may have to use that since we have three and we plan on adding a few more hopefully! :D

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