A few days in Wallaroo

A last minute decision to get out of the house for a few days resulted in a two night get away to Wallaroo, which is about 160km north-west-ish of Adelaide. I was born there and spent a fair chunk of my childhood there. There are a thousand memories.

We stayed in a caravan park in a cabin that we splurged on a bit, but it was worth it for the ease and comfort of a late planned trip. We were right on the beach front and not being school holidays the beach was pretty empty. We arrived Sunday afternoon and left on Tuesday, so mostly avoided the weekender visitors too, and really appreciated the space.

The weather was beautiful…sunny and warm to hot with not much wind, and the kids spent heaps of time at the beach. Here’s some of the many pictures.

This enclosure next to the main jetty is the Wallaroo Pool and is where I learned to swim as a child. It used to have a net, presumably to keep sharks out (or perhaps to keep the children in?) but now only the cable remains. The first time I ever jumped off a jetty was here, and only did it so I wouldn’t get caught in a game of ‘chasey‘ (tag) and I remember screaming to my cousin “Push me!” because I was too chicken to actually take the leap. She did it.

And looking back the other way towards the silos.

Ben jumped from the little platform by himself.

The main Wallaroo jetty with grain conveyer to the left.

We stopped at the bakery for Cornish Pasties for lunch, but despite it being the busy lunch hour, they weren’t ready yet, so we had to settle for regular ones. Sheesh…drive all the way to Wallaroo for a Cornish Pasty and they don’t have any.

This is my late Nanna’s house which we discovered is for sale again. It’s a weird feeling to look at it now that someone else owns it. The fig tree that all the grandchildren played in as children is still there in the backyard (I peeked). So familiar that I wanted to wander on in, and yet it belongs to someone else. Very strange.

There is a lot of new development on the north side of town, and as we drove out that way I was trying to show the family where my Nanna grew up. I was disorientated due to the new developments and roads and couldn’t place it. Later on our way home we spotted this brand new road by chance. My grandmother’s maiden name was Hopgood, and she grew up with her 9 siblings on a farm in this area. It’s pretty cool to see that the town planners considered the local history when naming the new roads. I’m still not sure of the exact location of the original property, but perhaps it’s right here.

Back to the beach after exploring the town with heaps of space to run free.

Good night. We also visited the family shack for a quick look which is sort of like our family’s very own Bonnie Doon. More on that, as well as some snakes tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “A few days in Wallaroo

  1. Sounds like you had a really special time. Can be bitter sweet going back to places from childhood. Missing your family, but happy for you all the same. xx

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