The Shack

So while in the vicinity of Wallaroo, we also visited The Shack. This has belonged to my family for some years…don’t really know how many but more than 35. Over the years it has been used for countless holidays and fishing trips. It’s takes a lot of work to maintain and hasn’t been used for several years now, so we went to see what sort of condition it was in.

Here’s some pics of the day.

Lovely to see my kids playing among the same rocks I spent hours of my childhood…looking for tiny rock crabs, hiding from everyone else, and day dreaming looking out to sea.

As you can see, it’s a picture of absolute serenity, disturbed only by the near perpetual howling wind and thousands of sticky persistant flies, one of whom found itself in the right place at the right time. Probably because they are so highly skilled at always being right in front of your face.

On our way back we spotted two Sleepy Lizards (ironically¬†both moved away before we could get the camera) and two snakes. Here’s a blurry picture of one of them. It’s not clear enough to be sure but I think it might be an Eastern Brown Snake. It was around a metre long, not very fat, and brownish greenish -ish. Or something.

This isn’t the lizard we saw on the road, this is the one of about 3 that we have seen living at our house. Here he is jammed in between the rubbish bin and the fence. It’s a Blue-tongued lizard, often called a Sleepy Lizard.



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