A comment on the local bird life


I’m a little bit scared of them. Even though they apparently only swoop during breeding season, they have beady eyes and a menacing look about them all year round. If I encounter them while out walking, I find myself trying to stare them down. But then I’m scared they’ll peck out my eyes, so I look away. Of course then I can’t see what they are up to, so I sneak a look and then alternate between hiding and staring while upping the pace and getting past as fast as possible. I keep wondering if they can sense my fear. I think they can.

Pink Galahs:

Watching them feed when I am out walking always makes me smile and a large flock of them wheeling over head is cool enough to really make my day. I like watching them walk around. They spend a lot of time feeding on fallen seeds on the ground.

Superb Blue Wren:

There is a little family living in our backyard. They are a bit shy, but if you keep your eyes open you will sometimes see them out and about. They are really tiny little things, and look like they might break. Every time I see one and call some family member or other to come and look, they dash away. Sneaky little things.

All the pics pinched from Wikipedia Commons.

2 thoughts on “A comment on the local bird life

  1. Hi Erin, Are you aware that Emma, Ben, Ryan and Sam have all fed our magpies, by hand too. You had better do the same next time you come (of course they have to come when you are here.)

    My best friend,Pat, absolutely loves blue wrens. I think she has everything that has blue wrens in her house. They are beautiful.

    As for the parrots, they are gorgeous but make a mess of the fruit and used to love the almonds before we subdivided and had to chop the almond tree down. (as it happened we could have left it there)

    See you next time Love Mum

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